Publication of subscription shortcodes

Legal Mentions – Subscription Service


For the usage of a shortcode in a publication the goverment and the operators have fix some legal mentions that have to be respected in every publication.


Here are the legal mentions you need to respect :

  • After each mention of the shortcode, you must put the price in the next format :
  • NL : X,XX EUR/SMS verzonden – X,XX EUR/SMS ontvangen
  • FR : X,XX EUR/SMS envoyé - X,XX EUR/SMS reçu
  • If incoming and outgoing message have the same price, you may use the folllowing format : X,XX EUR/SMS ontvangen/verzonden or X,XX EUR/SMS envoyé/reçu

Examples :

  • 9128 (0 EUR/SMS verzonden/ontvangen)
  • 9354 (0,15 EUR/SMS envoyé – 1 EUR/SMS reçu)

PAY ATTENTION : the price must be mentionned on the same line as the shortcode

In every publiciation where a shortcode is mentionned, you need to add the graphical charter.  For more info, click here for dutch and here for french version (pages 13-14)


mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

  • In the small print, you must mention the following info :
    • The offered service is a subscription service
    • Send STOP to <shortcode> (X,XX EUR/SMS send/received)
    • Maximum <number> message/<periode> => must be the same as in the graphical charter
    • Helpdesk (at least 1 of these 3 must be mentionned)
      • Phone Number
      • Emailaddress
      • Website
    • Gofguidelines :
      • NL : De dienstaanbieder verklaart kennis genomen te hebben van de GOF-guidelines
      • FR : Le fournisseur de services déclare prendre en compte les GOF-guidelines
    • Minors may not use this service without the permission of their parents
    • Name & address of the organizer of the service
    • Legal aspects :
      • FR : Le traitement des données est soumis aux conditions légales du règlement européen 2016/679. (RGPD)
      • NL : De verwerking van deze gegevens is onderworpen aan de bepalingen van de europese verordening 2016/679. (GDPR)
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