Voice API - Configure

The Voice API Application is available from the Portal. The following documentation describes how to use the application to upload audio files to be used by the API and to have a view on all calls performed with the API.

RingRing's IP addresses for our traffic


Calls Overview

Calls Overview section of the Voice API lists all calls performed or scheduled through the Voice API.

Search options are available to search and filter the list of calls. Detailed information on the call itself provides more insight on the calls.


Settings -> Applications

The Applications list retrieves all types of outbound call available with their own API key (aka Application Id). The Application Id is required in all API requests.


3 types of applications are available:

  • Call : Make an outbound call and take control of the call flow.
  • Voice Deposit : Leave a Voice message directly on a mobile voicemail box.
  • VoiceXML : Make an outbound call and route to a VoiceXML application.

Limited Availability

VoiceDeposit is currently only available in Belgium.

Settings -> Prompts

The Prompts section stores all audio prompts. You can upload your own audio files used in your voice applications.


Audio file format

We support .mp3 and .wav file format. We recommend to use .wav file with the following encoding: CCITT Alaw 8 bits Mono

Settings -> Caller Id

The Caller Id list all phone numbers used as origin when calling your destinations.


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