Message API - Configure

Message API, our new generation of SMS Gateway, allows you to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world.

Configuring the Message API is done via your Portal Access and select Message API application icon on the Portal's home page.


Creating at least one application is mandatory to start using the Message API (See Applications) .

RingRing's IP addresses for the webhook

These 4 IPs are used by our webhooks to send you statuses or SMS messages. So those will contact your webhooks if you configure webhooks on your end.


Settings -> General

In the general settings, general options are available.

The Blacklist option activates the Blacklist Add-On, which is managed through the Portal. People sending STOP messages are automatically added to the Blacklist Add-On, which is managed through the Portal.

The Debug Mode can be activated to log all requests performed via the Message API. These logs are available in Reports -> Logs menu.

Debug Mode

By activating the Debug Mode, the API only accepts 30 requests per minute. See X-Rate limit.

By default, there is no IP restriction when using Message API. Once an entry in the IP Whitelist is added then the restriction applies. Adding multiple IP or ranges is possible. Removing all the IP’s will disable the IP Whitelisting.


Settings -> Applications

Message API gives the opportunity to create multiple applications providing different API keys allows to separate more easily reports and statistics by application.


Editing Applications

  • Name: the name of your application. This is used in your reporting
  • Default number: the default number that is used for sending messages.
  • Encoding: the default encoding used for the application. This can be set as Text (supporting GSM0338 encoding), Unicode or Auto. Note that Auto will remap the characters when possible to use TEXT encoding and if some characters cannot be mapped then Unicode will  be used.
  • Use time window: Enable this option to restrict sending of messages during these periods. Messages sent outside these Time Windows are dropped.

The second part of the config window is the setup of webhooks. You can find more information here.

  • Status: The webhook URL to post the Status of Message
  • Status Url Method: Method (POST/GET) and format (XML/JSON) used to post Status
  • Incoming: The webhook URL to which we have to post incoming message
  • Incoming Url Method: Method (POST/GET) and format (XML/JSON) used to post Incoming Messages

Settings -> Applications -> Time Window

Time Windows option restricts the sending of messages to the defined window of time.


Time Window vs Scheduled messages

Messages already scheduled in the system will not be affected by a change of Time Window. The Cancel endpoint can be used to cancel scheduled messages.

Settings -> Numbers

The Numbers page lists the allocated and dedicated numbers (shortcode and long numbers) allowed in your applications. This list can be empty when using standard SMS bulk numbers.


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