Import contacts with a file

Instead of importing 1000 contacts by hand, you can also import them via an MS Excel file. To do this, open the contacts page and click import contacts:


In the next screen, you can select your file. The format is important and if you are not sure about the correct format, I suggest you click on the "Get a template of the file".


You can also, optionally, assign all those contacts to a group, by selecting a group in the dropdownlist.

After you have chosen your file, just click "save" and our software will do the rest.


Will my import overwrite my previous import?

The phone number of a contact is the field that identifies a contact. That means that if you import another contact with the same phone number, the original contact will be updated.

For example, you have this contactlist:

Phone number Name
0495123456 Dennis
0478556677 Ahmed
0497889933 Jonathan

Then you import this file:

0495123456 - David

0497112233 - Olivier

Your end result will be:

Phone number Name
0495123456 David
0478556677 Ahmed
0497889933 Jonathan
0497112233 Olivier


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    Dennis Claes

    Hi Yasen, sorry for the late reply.  Excel detects that you are trying to input a number in the cell and converts your phonenumber into a mathematical number.  Mathematical numbers do not have leading zero's, so it automatically removes it.  


    There are a few options available for you:

    - Convert the number to an international number.  So 32 498 87 89 54  For example

    - Manually mark the column, go to cell formatting and select "text"

    - Type a ' before the phonenumber.  With the ' in front of it, Excel will recognize your number as text

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    Yasen Dimov


    I have a problem with your "mailerTemplate.xlsx" template. It is formatted not to accept "0" as a digit before the number. Why?

    Kind regards,
    Yasen Dimov

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