Roles and permissions

Our platform has 3 possible roles:

Admin: full rights

User: full rights, but cannot edit the settings of SMS Mailer or Email To SMS

Agent: the same as the user, but he cannot send out any SMS and can be set to have only limited access to Message Insight. 


Attention: If you would like to keep an agent from viewing any reports, you must

1) enter Message Insight > settings and disable viewing message / or numbers for agents

2) deny that specific user access to the product that you are using to send out SMS (SMS Mailer, Message API and / or Email To SMS).  


To change a user's role, you have to be an admin.  Log in to Portal and go to "Users" in the left menu.  


Then find the user which you want to assign a new role to and click on edit  (pencil)


In this screen, you will find the user role.


Here you can find a more detailed view of each role:


Product/addon Action Agent User Admin
SMS Mailer        
  Create new mailing   x x
  Manage contacts & groups x x x
  View reports and logs x x x
  Create templates     x
  Create custom fields     x
  Change settings     x
  Add notifications     x
Email To SMS        
  View reports x x x
  Change settings     x
Message API        
  Full rights x x x
Voice API        
  Full rights x x x
  Full rights x x x
Email analytics        
  Full rights x x x
Message analytics        
  Full rights x x x
Message insight        
  View messages   x x
  Change settings   x x
Message Monitor        
  Full rights x x x
Voice analytics        
  Full rights x x x


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