How to navigate our new home page

Since 9/6/2020 we have a new portal homepage.  We noticed that new users did not understand the product names very well and did not know where to start.  We decided to start moving away from "products" and focus on "actions".  This is the main logic behind our new homepage. 


However, for experienced users, this change might feel uncomfortable at first, so I've written a small guide to help you navigate this new way of working.

Here is the old design:



As you can see there is a bar on top, allowing you to try the new design.  If you click it, your screen will look something like this:


Your version might look a little bit differently, depending on whether you have custom applications or not.

Quick actions

First, we focus on the main three actions that you will be doing on our platform:

- Sending an SMS

- Configuring Email to SMS

- Creating or retrieving an API key


These three buttons are basically deep-links to functionalities that used to be accessible by going through several pages and menus.  This makes it a lot faster.



Next we have selected the most used analytics functionalities and made them accessible in one click:



Discover more products

Our Portal contains all the standard product, but we actually have LOT more to offer. So make sure to click the "Discover new custom products" button to get a look at other interesting products and solutions we have to offer.




Next, we also made it easier to get help.  There are several options here:

- Visit our support page

- Visit our API developer page

- Create a ticket via mail or our ticketing system

- Record a voice messages for our support team



Accessing your applications and add-ons

If you would still like to access any application, they are still available through the left menu.  Just hover over the menu with your mouse and it will slide out.  



Changing back to the old design

We hope you will be happy with this new design.  We are convinced it will greatly increase your efficiency in using our platform.  However, if you don't like it, you can always revert back to the old design with this button:


If you don't like the new design, I would really appreciate your input on how we could make it better.  Please mail me at 

After the 30th of October, the homepage will permanently switch to the new design.

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