Sender ID

Sender ID is limited to short code and LVN delivery in France for A2P traffic.

Transactional Traffic

All transactional traffic will be delivered directly to carriers using 38XXX short codes used specifically for this traffic type. To ensure the traffic is identified as such, contact your account manager or submit a support request.

Marketing Traffic

Marketing traffic must add 'STOP au 38689’ at the end of the SMS or messages will be rejected. Ring Ring will handle the reply to prevent further messages sent to this number.

Long Numbers

French networks do not allow numeric Sender IDs that are not long numbers, to avoid spoofing of identities. For Lycamobile, all Sender IDs will be replaced with a local French Number.

Other Features or Restrictions of Note


Machine to Machine traffic is supported


Unicode messages are supported over Orange, SFR and Free networks. Bouygues Telecom only accepts some Unicode characters at this time.

Delivery Receipts

DLRs are fully supported and considered reliable.



Alpha is supported via our links


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