The Netherlands

Sender ID:

There are no known restrictions on Sender ID to the Netherlands.


Unicode, concatenated and ported messages are all supported.

Other features/restrictions of note:

Delivery Receipts:

Handset delivery receipts are fully supported.


Virtual numbers:

Restrictions to +3197*** long numbers (inbound SMS)

The ACM (Consumer and Markets regulator) has decided that 06xxx numbers in the Netherlands must be attached to a mobile device. They do not consider tablets to be mobile devices either. They expect A2P type of use cases to be using the 097xx number range which was created to M2M.

Ring Ring has offered 06 numbers previously, however there is a risk that the service could be discontinued for those with numbers that are NOT attached to Mobile devices. There is also a risk that the regulator will ask our Carrier to stop offering the service for both Voice and SMS.

This does not apply to our Voice only offerings.


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