How to see how many people opened your mail.

You just created the most beautiful and efficient sales funnel, with lots of calls to action and a giant database of users to send to.  But all of this means very little if your recipient is not opening the E-mail.

To monitor this, open the Mail Analytics.  In the Dashboard, you will already see the results for the last 7 days.  It will show:

- How many mails you have sent

- How many people received the mail

- How many people opened the mail


In reports, you can also find the same information for the last 30 days, or compiled by month.

The information that you find in here will be vital for any good business analyses after you have started or completed an email campaign.  You might also want to use a service like to monitor how many people that clicked on your call to action.  If you feel that the response is less then expected, you can adjust the texts, formats, targetting or channel.  Did you know, for instance, that 97% of the people open an SMS in less then 3 minutes?

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