How to send an SMS via E-mail.

While SMSmailer is focused on sending batches of messages, EmailToSMS is a quick and easy way to send just one message to a recipient.  A lot of customers are also using this service to send SMS's from their own custom software, without implementing an API.  Just output an E-mail and it will send the message via SMS to your recipient.  So how do you do this?

You send an email from an email address that you have authorized in the application EmailToSMS on the portal.

    • To : The mobile phone number of the recipient in format 32478123456 +, for example (Maximum 100 recipients)
    • Subject : This text will identify the conversation in the logs
    • Body : Type the message you want to send and end the message with <END>

Attention : 1 SMS contains 160 characters. If you send a long message, each part will be billed.

Specifications on

Example of the mail to send


RingRing will transform the message from the mail to an SMS and send the message to the mobile phone number that was indicated in the email address.


To avoid filtering by some mailservers and to optimize the throughput of SMSes, the maximum recipient numbers is limited to 100 in a single email.

Please also note that, depending on the destination network, the maximum throughput of messages per second is limited as well (up to 100SMS/s for a single destination network), and that a part of this bandwidth is reserved for emergency services (based on a priority configuration)


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