How to add custom fields to your contacts.

In the Portal, you can add contacts and create groups to send messages to. Each contact has a number of fields, like Phonenumber, Firstname, Lastname, … But what if you want to add a custom field, like “Badgenumber”?

To do this, open the SMS Mailer and go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Custom Fields

Fill in up to 10 custom fields

You can choose to make these custom fields visible in the contacts overview page or not. Just click “Yes” or “No” to show or hide the field. You can only choose 3 fields to show. While some fields may be hidden in the contacts overview page, they are still active and can be seen when you open the contact.

Afterwards, you can also use placeholders to use these fields to embed in your message. This way, our contact list adds flexibility and customization to suit your needs. 

For more information on using these custom fields in your message, visit

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