How to be alerted when SMS delivery times drop

If speed of delivery is important to your business, it might be a good idea to create a monitor that lets you know when delivery times drop below a certain threshold.

To add a new alert, open you Message Monitor screen and click "Add New Monitor".


The home screen displays all current monitors and their status. This page will allow you to add new monitors and edit or delete existing monitors.


The first time you try to create a monitor, it will ask to create at least one contact.


The Contacts page allows you to easily add, edit and delete contacts to later add them in your monitors.

Once you have at least one contact, you can click on add new monitor to add your first monitor.


Choose "Time delivery monitor" and click "Add" or "Next".


Now fill in:

The monitor name that will be displayed in the monitor list.

Select the application you want to monitor.

The weekdays the monitor must be active

The time frame when the monitor must be active

If the monitor is active or not

If you want to get the alert in continue until it is cleared and the frequency at which you want to get the alert until it is cleared


Define what the threshold is to be alerted of increased delivery times.  Keep in mind that this is an average, based on mobile providers' data.  For instance, some providers do a retry after one hour, if the recipient's phone is off.  This is beyond RingRing's control.


You must select the existing contacts that will be warned by the alert

Here you can select the channels to be used. Be aware that you are limited to 50 SMS per month

The subject will be used in the email’s and the SMS’

In this section, you can define the message content. Placeholders are at your disposal to add extra information


This is the subject for the email’s and SMS that will be send when the alert clears and the content of the messages.

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