How to check the quality of delivery

When maintaining an effective campaign, it's also important to keep an eye on the quality of delivery.  There are many reasons why an SMS cannot be delivered, like a wrong number, errors in the provider of the recipient or the number not belonging to any mobile network.  To check the quality of delivery, open up Message Analytics.  Then, in the menu, select "quality of delivery".

On top, you can filter which messages you want to select.


Below that, you can see:

- A detailed graph of the last 7 days

- A sum of the messages sent / delivered of the last 7 days

- Quality of delivery per country

- The most common reasons why your messages were not delivered



For those among us that really like visual representations, we have something cool for you too: a map of which countries that you sent messages to, which had a good delivery rate and which had a bad delivery rate.


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