How to check your SMS usage

Checking your traffic can potentially be vital to your campaign.  This can be especially important when your messages are sent out automatically through your own custom software or with the Email to SMS service.  To keep an eye on your usage, we have a few ways in Message Analytics to get an overview.


In the dashboard you will see an overview of your usage in:

- The last 24 hours

- The last 7 days

- This year

To get exact numbers per month, just hover over each statistic in the year graph and a label will appear with the exact number.


By application

If you click on "Report" => "By application", you will see which services contributed how much to your total usage.  For instance, maybe you have sent 200 messages through SMS Mailer, but your total usage is 1000 messages and you don't know why.  Then this report will help explain where your usage is coming from.

You can use the buttons on top to set a date range of the report.

By months

This is a report by month. 

By days

This is a report by days.


If you are missing the application in your Portal, please send us an email at .

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