How to send out a file with custom fields

If you do not know how to send out messages with a file, please check out this article: 


Sometimes you might want to personalize your message, like:

Dear Dennis, your order is ready

Dear David, your order is ready

Dear Olivier, your order is ready


So how do you construct a message like this? Since you are going to send out a unique message per recipient, you have to fill in the message column (C) in your MS Excel file. You do this by concatenating your message with your parameters, like First Name, Last Name, Company, ... Any parameters that you want to include in your message. You have to put those parameters in columns D, E, F, G, ...



Concatenating is pasting multiple texts together. The correct syntax in MS Excel for concatenation is "= Dear " & D1 & " your order is ready".

Example (see the formula on top of the printscreen):



Only the text in column C will be sent out, all other columns after C will be ignored.  

Once you have constructed your message, all you have to do is fill in all your parameters in column D, E, F, G, ... (depends on how many parameters you have) and then extend your formula downward. (grab the bottom right square of cell C2 and drag down). All your messages will be automatically constructed with the parameters on the right.


Dates and times

When you input a date or time, like "10:00" into a cell, MS Excel will see this as a date format. When concatenating something like "10:00", it will turn up as "0,416666".  

To avoid this, use the TEXT function to format your date format to a text. The format is TEXT(value; format).

Example (see the formula on top of the printscreen):


For more information on the TEXT function:


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