How to send SMS with a file

There are many ways to use the SMS Mailer.  Even using a file can be done in multiple ways.  But right now, I will talk about one, simple way to use the "file" option of the SMS mailer.

First of all, you need an MS Excel file. You need to put these 3 column headers in the file.  

A1: "PhoneNumber"

B1: "Datetime"

C1: "Message"

You can also download the template by clicking on "Use file" in your SMS Mailer screen, and then clicking "Get Template".

Like I said, there are many ways to use this, but just leave column B and C empty for now (except for the headers). Now fill the PhoneNumber column with all the numbers that you want to send your messages to. Make sure they are all in the same format. 

Okay, we're good to go! Follow these steps:

  1. Open SMS Mailer
  2. On top you have a menu, click on “Mailing” and then “New”
  3. Let me take you through all the fields
    1. Name: the name is prefilled, but you can change this is you want
    2. Use Template: leave this at “no
    3. Message encoding: leave this at "Text"
    4. Use file: click this to “yes” and then select your excel file by clicking “browse
    5. Send now: Leave it to “yes
    6. Message: write your message in this field
    7. Press “Send

Now sit back and have a cup of coffee, you're all done.

Later on, you might want to experiment with adding custom messages per phonenumber in your excel file, or adding send date/times.

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