How to schedule your messages, using a file

This article assumes you already know how to send out messages with a file.

For an explanation on sending out messages with a file, please check out this article: 


There are two methods to schedule your messages when sending with a file:


If all messages go out at the same time:

The easiest method is to just leave the datetime column in your file empty and schedule your messages via our user interface.  

Open SMS Mailer and go to "Mailing" > "New".

First click the button next to "Send now"


Now you will see a date field appear. Click in that field, and you will see a calendar opening:


Now you can set the date and time when all your messages need to go out.


If every message has an individual scheduled time:

To set an individual schedule time for each message, you can define this in your file. For each line, you fill in the date and time that message needs to be sent out on the column Datetime.


IMPORTANT! Make sure you use the correct date format: DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:SS

For example: 25/10/2015 13:45:00

If your file contains a valid date, it overrides the “Send now” option in the mailing. But, if the date in the file is in the past or invalid, send now is automatically used.

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